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"I help solopreneurs with big dreams that want to leave a ripple effect
without having to go through a million books or online courses
by giving them a celebrity mindset to build their trust, faith and belief
in their own future self easily and effective through
my proven AnkeR(TM) method.
Download your five gifts absolutely for free and change the world."

Norman Gräter - CEO and Founder of the Be Yourself Academy

More SUCCESS with the right MINDSET

What differs celebrities from the majority?
Why are they at the top of their game?

Norman Graeter spoke to over 400 worldwide known and successful celebrities and asked 
"How to be successful in life?" 
Their answers can be put into five categories. Are you interested in what they said?
Today is your lucky day. Exclusive for you and absolutely for free you will receive five gifts that build you the foundation to be a celebrity in your own life and business.

Your Vision

Step 1

No clear vision = no clear future

Every superstar, no matter the business, has a clearly defined vision. Without that you can basically stay in bed and roll over one more time.

Value: Priceless

(because you will no longer put other people's goals before your own)

Your Productivity

Step 1

Celebrities and superstars follow a strict order. The stay focussed. Do you easily get distracted by all sorts of things in everyday life? 

Then I'll be happy to gift you my personal productivity planner that is being used by high rollers and CEOs.

Value: Priceless

(because you will finally get shit done)

Your Belief

Step 1

Do you still believe your own BS that you are telling yourself day in, day out? "I can't do that" or "I am not this" or "I am not that" Stop it!

With this exercise you change your beliefs and take on a celebrity mindset.

Value: Priceless

(because you will finally break free)

Your Values

Step 1

Only when you know what exactly you stand for, you will attract the right opportunities and people into your life.

Gear up your personal values based on your future self because the values you have, brought you to where you are right now. Time to step up.

Value: Priceless

(because you can already feel and act like a celebrity)

Your Time Worth

Step 1

Have you ever asked yourself why successful people don't usually mow the lawn or iron their clothes? 

In this exercise you will find out why this is the case and how you can become a celebrity by changing some minor things in your daily life.

Value: Priceless

(because you will have more lifetime)

Bonus Videos

Step 1

Celebrities like to have it fast and easy. That’s why you will receive an explanatory video with each and every gift. I want you to succeed.

Only if you DO these exercises, your mindset will change towards a celebrity mindset. 

Value: $198

(for you as a future celebrity, it is free of charge as well)

This is what great mentors say about Norman Graeter

Phil Goldfine
Multi-Award Winning Hollywood Producer

Peggy McColl
New York Times Bestselling Autor

JT Foxx
Worlds #1 Wealth & Business Coach

This is how to get a celebrity mindset

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Norman Graeter

Gamechanger & Hero Creator

Norman is a true celebrity whisperer. During his more than 25 years as an event manager, Norman started to ask the artists he was working with, what their key to success in life might be. What started as a small talk, ended in a self experiment. Up to today Norman has spoken to over 400 celebrities like Michelle Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary Clinton and Sylvester Stallone about their success secret for life.
He took all their wisdom and tried it successfully on himself. 

Today, besides being a three-time European champion in public speaking, Norman is a multi award-winning motivational keynotespeaker and mindset coach. Companies such as PayPal, DACHSER, Bosch, Viessmann and many others trust his expertise when it comes to goal achievement and mindset. Norman also wanted to share his knowledge and experience in a life changing arena show that he prepared for six years. 12 days before the premiere, COVID-19 hit and everything had to be cancelled. Out of this huge setback, Norman came out stronger than ever before. Currently, he is working with a multi award-winning Hollywood Producer to bring his inspirational journey onto the big screen very soon. Stay tuned for more of Norman Graeter, the hero creator.

Norman Graeter the Hero Creator

How to be natural & authentic in front of a camera?

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